The focus for the offered services by Grifa is attending the "trivet": cost, quality and prompt including the viability of the project making, and the constant search for new technologies on structures execution. Every project goes through a "structural planning", which are evaluated during the traversal loads and structural system, considering future uses and extensions, and also any changes in the use of the structure projected. Every project also aims the lightness and clarity on the structure concept. Grifa understands that the structure, in most enterprises, is a big part of the whole in a relation with the investments and, therefore works with suitable structural indexes, seeking the investorīs economic success.

Service portfolio

  • Structural projects on reinforced concrete;
  • Structural projects on prestressed concrete;
  • Structural projects on precast concrete;
  • Structural projects on steel;
  • Structural projects on structural masonry;
  • Structural projects on hybrid structures - Steel + concrete;
  • Structural analysis - static and dynamical;
  • Planning and detailing construction methods for recoveries and structural reinforcements;